Agent Carter

For everyone who thinks that Margaret ”Peggy” Carter deserves more than two minutes long funeral and her niece kissing Steve like, two days later, this TV show is for you.

It starts a year after Steve’s plane went down and it shows us Peggy Carter as more than just an amazing agent. It shows us Peggy as an ordinary human. We see her as she struggles in the world of men. Peggy wants to prove them that even a woman is capable of achieving great things in this world, which was unthinkable in 1940s.¬†012915_AgentCarter_RedHat

As always, trouble seems to follow this well-written character, this time because of her friend from war, Howard Stark, who is accused of treason after his dangerous inventions are stolen and placed on the black market. He secretly asks Peggy to help him clear his name.Agent-Carter-Dominic-Cooper-Howard-Stark-Return-In-Season-2

Of course, every hero needs a sidekick and Peggy Carter is no different. Mr. Edwin Jarvis, Howard’s butler, is, well, not so happy to help her, but he’ll do it anyway.


As I said before, in my opinion, Peggy Carter is one of the most amazingly written characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe and deserves more than what she got. In this show, we get to see her life without Steve, her life in the world where men had the finale word and she is there to scream no and kick their asses.

The show itself is full of action, British humor, mostly between Jarvis and Peggy, friendship and, of course, heartbreak. Hayley Atwell is an amazing actress, she’ll make you care and worry about Peggy and her friends in a way you can’t even imagine.

Even though the show was cancelled, it’s worth watching and I’d kill just to watch it without knowing what is going to happen.




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